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Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Court Technology

The Canadian Centre for Court Technology (CCCT-CCTJ) is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to promote the modernization of court services through the use of technology solutions.

Technology is increasingly used in court processes, both in civil and criminal cases. It is often relied upon to increase access to justice, reduce costs in the administration of justice and generally improve the effectiveness and efficiency of court activities. What is the role of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology in the midst of this modernization trend? The Centre was created to provide modernization leadership and act as a catalyst. It brings together justice system stakeholders and partners to enhance access to justice by fostering an atmosphere favourable to technological innovation and excellence in our court systems. Learn more about the CCCT-CCTJ...

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Modernization Initiatives

Read about recent Canadian court technology implementation projects, whether successful or not, drawing both from a public sector entity and the private sector vendor(s) that provided a technological solution to the court.

Latest Stories:
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Learning more about technology...

Educate yourself with our primers, which are vendor-neutral presentations and explanations of technologies or technology concepts; one technology at a time! Furthermore, discover the latest vendor-provided court technology solutions.

Work Groups & Committees

Throughout Canada, there are multiple groups and committees hard at work trying to bring technology to the courts. We here wish to showcase each of those groups and present to you their mandates, members, activity status and work products.

Newly Added:
Courts & Tribunals

Access profile pages of Canadian courts, tribunals and commissions. Find out more about their modernizations projects and most recent technology assessment (content type in development).

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Tribunals / Commissions
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Consult the latest profiles of companies and organizations who play an active role in the modernization of the Canadian Judicial system. Learn more about their mandates, technology related projects and solutions, and key contacts for your court technology needs!

Non-Profit Sector
Private Sector
Public Sector
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